Women's Streetwear Trends 2021

When it comes to fashion trends, there are tons of incredible designs to choose from for 2021. In the world of women’s streetwear, you’ll find a range of awesome styles this year that are taking center stage. Check out these popular streetwear trends for 2021, so you can stay on top of your fashion game.

  • Oversized clothing is still the rage for 2021, and women’s streetwear is no exception. Whether it’s a loose-fitting sweatshirt or some joggers, the oversized trend is here to stay. Look for new items like baggy graphic tees and crewnecks that go great with leggings and denim.

  • Bold, brilliant, and bright colors are on-trend for streetwear this year. Check out vibrant colors like bright blue, fuchsia, and neon yellow when you’re shopping for sneakers, shorts, tops, and bottoms. The more colors you incorporate in your pieces, the trendier they’ll be.

  • If dramatic colors aren’t your thing, consider the monochrome look. Whether it’s all pink, all black, or all beige, this style is still a hot trend for 2021. Try a pair of joggers and a matching tee or hoodie in the same color story, then finish it with a pair of shoes in the same shade.

  • Detailed streetwear is hot this year, and that means anything with intricate embroidery, bold logos, or fun patterns. Shop our website to discover incredible women’s streetwear pieces bearing our signature Flowah design.

  • Another trend this year is two-piece matching sets. A patterned sports bra or tank paired with a pair of matching leggings is a great way to look on-trend and to wear an outfit that helps you express your unique style and personality.

  • As for accessories, look for oversized messenger bags and convertible backpacks. These bags can be worn on your back or they can double as a crossbody bag for the ultimate versatility.