How to Wear Sweatshirts the Right Way

There’s nothing as comfy, cozy, and trendy as sweatshirts, so it’s important that you wear them in a way that looks casual yet put together at the same time. One way to wear sweatshirts stylishly is to layer them over a button-down shirt and pair them with your favorite denim. This will give your sweatshirt a sophisticated look without you having to sacrifice comfort. Oversized sweatshirts look amazing with leggings, so look for a sweatshirt that has a loose, baggy, and long fit.

If you pick out a solid-colored sweatshirt, wear it with some colorful shoes to help your outfit pop and stand out from the crowd. Pair your favorite sweatshirt with a matching bottom like joggers or sweatpants in the same color for a trendy monochrome look. No matter how you choose to wear them, sweatshirts are here to stay. Visit our store to find the newest trends for streetwear and more.